Social Sciences

Special Issue

Advancing Design Innovation for Sustainable Built Environments

  • Submission Deadline: 18 October 2024
  • Status: Open for Submission
  • Lead Guest Editor: Ines Sahtout Gaha
About This Special Issue
In the dynamic landscape of urban development and environmental consciousness, design innovation stands as a catalyst for positive change. This special issue seeks to explore novel approaches that propel sustainable and resilient built environments forward. By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and visionary thinking, we aim to shape a future where design not only responds to challenges but actively contributes to a thriving planet.
The significance of this special issue lies in its potential to revolutionize the way we conceptualize, create, and inhabit our built spaces. As architects, designers, and researchers, we have a collective responsibility to address pressing global issues such as climate change, resource scarcity, and social equity. Through innovative design practices, we can harmonize human needs with environmental stewardship.
We invite original research articles, review papers, case studies, and conceptual explorations. Authors are encouraged to share practical insights, propose visionary ideas, and contribute to the discourse on sustainable design.
Through this special issue, we aspire to foster a community of forward-thinking professionals who drive positive change through design innovation. Your contributions will shape the discourse, inspire future research, and influence the trajectory of sustainable built environments.

Topic 1. Sustainable Architecture and Urban Planning:

  1. Exploring eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, and regenerative urban planning strategies
  2. Investigating how architecture can seamlessly integrate with natural ecosystems

Topic 2. Human-Centered Design:

  1. Examining user experience, accessibility, and inclusivity in architectural and interior design
  2. Prioritizing occupant well-being, health, and social connectivity

Topic 3. Technological Integration:

  1. Analyzing the impact of emerging technologies (such as AI, IoT, and data-driven design) on the built environment
  2. Leveraging digital tools for optimized building performance

Topic 4. Resilience and Adaptability:

  1. Designing for climate resilience, disaster preparedness, and community recovery
  2. Proposing adaptable solutions that withstand shocks and promote sustainability

Topic 5.Circular Economy and Material Innovation:

  1. Embracing circular design principles and sustainable material choices
  2. Showcasing innovative materials that contribute to a circular economy

Topic 6. Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Practices:

  1. Encouraging dialogue between Designers, Architects, Engineers, Urban planners, Sociologists, and Policymakers
  2. Highlighting successful interdisciplinary projects that bridge gaps and create holistic solutions
Lead Guest Editor
  • Ines Sahtout Gaha

    Department of Design , Tunis University , Tunis, Tunisia

Guest Editors
  • Zoubeir Lafhaj

    Lille Central School, Lille University, Lille, France

  • Imen Ben Youssef

    Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Montreal , Montreal , Canada

  • Abdelmohsen Sherif

    Department of Architecture , American University, Cairo, Egypt

  • Anis Semlali

    Department of architecture, American University , Ras Al Khaimah , United Arab Emirates

  • Hanen Drira

    Department of Design , Tunis University , Tunis, Tunisia

  • Nesrine Ellouze

    Department of Urban planning, National School of Architecture and Urban Planning Carthage University, Tunis, Tunisia

  • Hafedh Gaha

    Department of Telecommunication, Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications of Tunis, Ariana, Tunisia

  • Moez Balti

    Department of Telecommunication, Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Communications of Tunis, Ariana, Tunisia

  • Haithem Jemaiel

    Department of Fine Arts, Tunis University, Tunis, Tunisia

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